Friday, October 29, 2010

7 days on - Look mum no crutches

This has been an incredible week of healing, obviously pretty bleak after the operation but the body is an incredible healing machine and things are looking a lot brighter at the end of the week. Today I walked short distances without crutches, picked stuff up off the floor, walked up some steps, showered myself standing. I can only handle activity for 15 minutes or so but major and continuos improvement. I have had a clear head since yesterday which is probably the biggest advancement. Still on some significant pain killer and these will continue for a few weeks. We have now got them well balanced so no more 'wonderland' or high pain times.

If you are facing this surgery I don't want the above to indicate that this is a walk in the park, it's not and expect a very tough first week and a number of very low points. But these are generally short and sharp and you progressively get your abilities back.

The fusing of my spine and titanium rods cover from the very base (affixed to the pelvis) and comes up to the middle of the shoulder blades (about 40 cms). The rods are firm although independent which I have discovered is important. You can't touch your toes but you can twist.
Funny enough initially it felt like having 2 rods on the inside of your back but now I don't feel them as such. Its like when you go to the dentist and have some work done and initially you feel the changes done and it feels really odd, but after a few days you don't notice it.

The wound and my tummy are very puffy and I have joined the asymmetrical belly button club as it is a couple of cms off centre, otherwise all things are looking good and I expect an earlier release. Key risks are infection and wound healing which is apparently a lot harder due to the recent intensive radiotherapy.

So have flights booked home for Monday afternoon


  1. Fantastic news, your ability to recover is matched only by your bravery and that has been inspirational throughout.

    Your slice of paradise will be wonderful for recuperation - just no more fencing, well not immediately at least.

    Look forward to having you back on the Peninsula soon

  2. Great news Gaz ... I'm sure it will be a happy flight south!

  3. love a man with a backbone that should go into government we NEED YOU THERE!!
    happy you going home..onward and from simon and monica..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Glad to hear they're putting you back together RoboGaz. Keep fighting through!



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