Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Turning the corner

After a few mixed days I hopefully have turned a corner and doing pretty good. i have been showering and walking around on a frame for a couple of days, first day I did to much and was very active and had a very sore night. We sorted out and increased pain meds yesterday and its making a big difference. Physio also sorted me out saying basically to pull my head in and that having a shower and walking to toilet was all I should do in the next few days. Transitioning from the postop meds, where they completely wipe you out, to a mix that makes you feel relatively normal seems to be a bit of a hit and mis affair but they get there eventually. I have got all the tubes and drips out of body which makes things far easier and I like being independent. I was allowed to go on to a light diet yesterday (5 day fast) and started with some delicious eel sushi that Kat brought in. The hospital food is pretty bad. Meet Dr B again yesterday, my sarcoma surgeon and he is very happy with progress. He has sent the extracted material away for pathology testing in Australia and we will get report back in a couple of weeks.
So thing to remember even though you go though some very dark, uncomfortable and painful times is that they are usually short and you get through it quickly; communicating early with your care team helps alot.
So bottom line is I am doing well here and expecting a good day.
Again loving the blog comments, emails and txts, I read them all but don't always have time or energy to respond.
Kind regards Gary .

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  1. Keep up the good fight Gary.

    Look forward to catching up with you when I visit Dunners sometime next year. Will bring my newly aquired wife with me as well...

  2. Hi Gary - great to hear that the operation is over and done with and you can focus on the recovery. The team are sending their thoughts and positive vibes over. As I'm sure you will have worked out - the key to a good hospital stay is always being nice to the nurses :-), and getting friedns and family to bring in some decent food! S

  3. Also found some new Aussie music that should go down well while you're taking it easy - Little Red - will send over.


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