Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NED on track. 1 test down. 1 further test and 1 operation to go

Surgeon visit went very well yesterday, All the tests for metastisis (secondary spread) were negative, plus impact and healing from previous surgery and RT is going great. The before and after MRI images are amazing and reassuring. Went through surgery planning a little not much new info, confirmed that they will need to use a supporting rod and fuse the lower spine (approx 15 cm). This will have some long term mobility issues but  I am not concerned about it and will come to terms with it fine. I like Doctor B, he is on our side and working hard for a happy outcome. My surgeon did also say that the stiffning of the spine will result in "my golf handicap going out", so to my golfing friends, bring on the strokes! 


  1. Gary , just caught up on the blogs and great to see you travelling so well. I say that knowing full well there is so much more going on in your head and body that you are not letting on but somethines we have to keep to ourselves.
    Your surgery date is fast approaching and I wish you the very best, not luck as there is no luck involved and this is not a game of golf.
    Just finished reading a book about it taking 2 years to get back to normal after cancer, which has some interesting issues in it. I dont know if hter is a normal after cancer, but a more challenged and refreshed perspective on life is certainly a benefit. Send me a NED badge and I cant wait to join this club with you. Being an elite few :)

    Keep being awesome!!!

  2. Thats great news Gary. I also just found this blog site and you are inspiring me to make each day mean more. Practising the Attitude of Gratitude.

  3. hmmm ... I admit that there was a comment about a golf handicap however I think that was all at Gary's prompting. Ersk - I'll give you a few shots (not that you need them with the rubbish golf I'm playing) for the first wee while, but that concession runs out when you hit 60 :)

    I went in with Gary for the meeting with Doctor B and it was a moment that will stay with me. Gary and I had talked about the outcomes we wanted, and specifically the ones that we didn't. You can prepare, but those seconds between the surgeon walking in and him detailing the results of the MRI and CT scan seemed to somehow stretch and slow. It however didn't take long to process the "... lungs are clear....". I'll probably forget quite a few things in my life, but not those words, that little gray room or the smile I wore as I walked out of it.

    I'm in awe of Gary, Kat and the kids - I lived that tension for only a few hours and yet they've been immersed in it for months.

    Thanks Ersk - I lean't a little more about myself during the weekend, and I'm confident that others are doing the same as they blog, read, talk, pray, visit, think of or with you.

    Emjoy that break - see you back here soon

  4. Fantastic Gaz!

    Like your post Dev ... I'm thinking the same as you.

  5. At Philippa and david's place. Just caught up on your blog. It does make it all clearer.Have a great holiday Love Fay


Thanks for your comments Gaz