Monday, October 31, 2011

Work is Good!

I've just started back workIng full time which is going better than expected, it's great being back in a work environment, it's fun and gives purpose.

Initially I had some concerns if I would make it through the day as still managing pain issues, but I've found that as I have got physically fitter and into the pace of business that the pain has reduced and not a hindrance. The pain is still there and significant but if you keep busy with positive stuff it can be pushed back and become secondary. Since my last post I had substantially increased and changed my pain regime, and now that I have pain in check I'm starting to reduce the RX dosage. I have reduced my work role, responsibilities and only working 4 days but there is certainly enough meat to keep me professionally challenged and stimulated. Getting back into the workforce after a 15 month break due to treatment has been yet again another challenging stage which I'm please to report that I've got through.

Pic attached outside a random house whilst walking to the Rugby World Cup Final. I attended 7 fun filled games at this year RWC the highlight being New Zealand beating Australia in Semi. Go the ABs!!