Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who needs a Lamina anyway? Details on Surgery 2

Its funny when you are not aware of something important in your life until you need to do without it. Lamina are important parts of your vertebra in your spine (See graphic) and I am coming to terms with having  5 less of them in my body. The surgery this week involves removal of my right back muscle, plus the back right side of my lower spine, approx 15 cms. To strengthen it spine the vertebra will be fused and a metal rod fixed to the back of my spine.

The muscle excision (paravetebral muscles) is significant although I have been less concerned about this. The last operation detrimental impacted this muscle group significantly and I have found recovery to be swift and that the body just copes and reconfigures itself.    

The work on the spine has some greater risks and longer term impacts on recovery and mobility which has taken a bit more to get my mind around. 

The Surgery is this Thursday (21 Oct) at Burwood hospital and will take approx 5-6 hours. I have a crash hot surgery team and absolute confidence in their abilities.

Why do it? This is all in a good cause and will significantly increase my chance of long term survival from this cancer. I think at times with medical treatments you just need to grin and bear it.  Become informed, know the risks, but also heed your medical specialists advise. If in doubt ask your medical guru these  questions: If this was your child would you recommend this option? Is there a better option? What's the next best option and why is it inferior?

So in balance trading a few Lamina for an improved prognosis is a good deal and a no brainer decision. Am I confident in my medical & support team? Yes. Are the risks acceptable? Yes. Will I cope with recuperation and mobility issues? Yes. Will we achieve a positive outcome? Yes.  So lets go for it! 

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