Thursday, February 21, 2013

Comment on comments

Thanks supporters for all the comments on blogger, which is my preferred location for feedback. I love and read all, just sorry can't respond to all. Great to see some names from the past. :-)
Doing good in here, taking it day by day. I would call it very calm days and a bit reclusive at the moment which I'm enjoying. They tinker with the meds to refine and improve them plus to respond to changing medical condition. I have lots of time with immediate family with is fantastic, xx G

The photos of Zach and I were taken in Upper Waikaia, on a very large high country farm that we were staying on called Glenary, in early January 2013. As part of his learner driving Zach had just 4WD 14K's through a native bush and was feeling pretty happy for himself. The photos were taken where we were over looking a grade extreme 6 kayaking river, which you can slightly see behind Zac in top pic. Further down and past the rapids we went swimming. It was very picturesque although very cold for mid summer. Amazing place.

Also check out this YouTube video on how extreme the terrain is and hoe beautiful and powerful this river is: cut and past URL to browser


  1. Hey Gary

    Great shots of you and Zach!

    All My Best Wishes and hugs.

  2. Hi Gary
    I think of you most days, sorry I haven't posted anything before now.
    Great photos, memories are precious.
    Chris Miller

  3. Nice photos. You guys have certainly got out and about. Donna X

  4. Great video of the kayaking. Takes me back to my twenties when I used to do a bit of white water. Only grade 3 tho. been doing a bit of diving recently. Let me know if you get a hankering for some paua patties, or paua in cream and onion. I could drop you off a batch.
    Love to all


Thanks for your comments Gaz