Monday, March 25, 2013

Cruising On

I haven't posted for ages, so I thought I would give all an update.

Generally thing are very quiet here, we have a lovely comfortable environment at the hospice which we call our new home. Kat, Zach and I are living here, with the girls and other whanau regularly visiting.

My body continues to show resistance and fights on. Intermittently my pain meds have been increased and occasionally other medical intervention has been required, but of late it's been very stable. I continue to be very comfortable and pain free.

I had a blood transfusion last week as my bloods were a mess, this has helped hugely with energy levels and my ability to concentrate. I just started reading books again which is very exciting.

Two good mates (Dev and Calvin) with assistance from NZ Cricket arranged a couple of great hours at the test cricket NZ vs England. We were lavished with VIP treatment in the long room. The company and experience was far more interesting than the game.

Last weekend one of our girls (Ari) was modelling at the Fashion ID event and the hospice arranged crew passes which enabled Kat and I to go along. It was great dressing up and a buzz seeing Ari up on the cat walk. She did so well.

Outings are always a bit of a mission with wheel chair and oxygen bottle, but they are great to do and a sense of achievement afterwards. We are doing these regularly, home visits, garden walks, coffee at The Fix - always good.

Pic below is family pic at hospice.