Saturday, October 23, 2010

metal man

hi - Dev here,

I caught up with Tai and Kat this afternoon. They're both doing amazingly well. We chatted for a bit then to my utter surprise Tai asked me to push over his walking frame ! Sure enough, he got to the side of his bed, pulled himself up and off he went. He wouldn't have made the finals in Delhi, but it was only 48 hours after a major 7 hour operation !.

He asked me to put up the post op xRays - I think that you'll agree that it's bizarre... in a very good way.

I'll leave it to Gaz to tell the full story, but each image above is half of the wee mans back - so where we had thought they would put in support for the bottom 5 vertebrae, it looks like they did a fair bit more than that.  I found this (mainly coz I wanted to ensure that I spelt vertebrae correctly !) ....

In the human spine (or vertebral column) there are seven cervical vertebrae (in the neck), twelve thoracic vertebrae (to which the ribs are attached), and five lumbar vertebrae (in the lower back). In addition, five fused vertebrae form the sacrum, and four the coccyx

Tai loves the emails and txts (kinda keen on the meds also) - so keep throwing them through.


  1. Airport security checks should be interesting from now on Gaz!

    Good going with the exercise, I'm impressed.

  2. Oh man you are half Terminator now! A fully fledged member of Cyberdine systems, but probably an earlier model than T1000, of course better looking, (only marginal) and you "'ll be back"

    I will look out my terminator GET up for you on your return.

    It does mean that you have to ride a Hog and learn to shoot a pump action shot gun one handed.

  3. impressive x-rays Gaz. glad the op went well. let us know if there is anything we can do for you or Kat while you're in chch.Ben w

  4. Hi Gary

    Who would have thought you'd go this far just to get the drugs ........

    Keep recovering, sounds like you're doing well.


  5. Gary
    you are certainly an inspiration!
    Wishing you a speedy recovery. Those Xrays are amazing never seen anything like it.
    Thinking of you and your family and friends

  6. Looks just like what you explained it would be Gary... kinda!

    Reminds me of when the radiographer x-rayed one of Alex's toy cars a couple of years ago to show him it would be ok.


Thanks for your comments Gaz