Saturday, August 7, 2010

Radiation update - Kat

Gary is off to Soccer this morning with Zac.Last few games of the season.Then its paintballing for zac and his mates out at Abbotsford..Zac turned 14 this week.A long stretch of a boy.
Gary has been pretty tired with the start of Radio therapy,napping alot. Completely zonked the first day.He has a bit of inflammation in his lower back but we are hopeful that this is just beginning symptoms.We were told that he would probably get a good burn from the radiation as he has a good amount of scar tissue that is susceptible to this.
It was a gorgeous sunny day yesterday and after napping Gaz charged out and raked the lawn out front ready for sowing next weekend.Graham, brother & green-keeper extraordinare -is coming down from Timaru to sow the lawn and Calvin has sourced the seed. Yaahh thanks for that! We have inherited the most amazing antique roller to smooth out the bumps.It is rather sexy piece of metal. I shall post some photos' with Gaz looking manly beside it. I predict with all this good stuff being directed at the lawn it will be somewhat special
Have a great day everybody KAT

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