Monday, November 1, 2010

Checkout from Hotel Burwood today

Heading down to Dunedin on a Jet late afternoon. looking forward most to seeing the kids xoxoxo. Feeling fit for journey and it should go smoothly.
My experience at Burwood Hospital has been very good, the nursing staff generally are very friendly, caring and competent and I've been in a nice sunny single room with a door out to grass lawn and garden, plus wireless internet. Most of the time I have had my own personal nurse and companion, Kat xx, which has made stay and recovery far easier and fun.      

Thanks to my Christchurch mates for all the practical support and calling in to chew the fat. Also thanks to Kim at Christchurch end and Royce at AIr NZ for help with logistics getting home.

Biggest thanks to the surgical team lead by Gordan Beadel (Sarcoma) and Jeremy Evison (Spinal Surgeon). These guys walk on water and I have been very pleased to be under their care.  More on this later.
I am on high levels of pain killers and strict instructions to lay low for a few weeks.   It's going to take a while to get use to and break in the new back, it feels very stiff and foreign. I need to fully recover before getting into Physio and full on exercise. I am sure I will come to terms with it and recover sufficient mobility, but it will take a while.

Another milestone nearly ticked off. Hoorah


  1. Soak up the view flying home Gaz -- you'll have a lot less on your mind than during the trip to Christchurch 10 days ago.

  2. Welcome home GT - unless the baby comes (and you never know). You will get beef stew from the Rhodes on Wednesday.

  3. trip home went very smoothly and I've just been relaxing back as best you can. it's fantastic being home and have set up three beds which I am circulating around. Slowly getting more mobile and using an old carved Maori walking stick that Uncle Merv dropped by. Getting stronger and less pain each day. Looking forward to a few week out when I can give the new back a real nudge and to start stretching out a bit.
    Simon & others, thanks for the food, it's been one one less thing to worry about plus very yummy. :-)


Thanks for your comments Gaz