Monday, February 28, 2011

50% through Chemo

Just coming out of the worst of 'icky' chemo cycle 3; the side effect drugs in hospital got pretty mixed up and it has taken awhile to load up again, get into a routine and back under control. With chemo drugs you lose short term memory and at times get very confused, so throwing in getting side effect drugs out of sync, things can go pear shaped fairly quickly. Athough I haved blogged about being positive, I find  it very difficult to feel positive about something that makes you feel so sick. Maybe I just don't believe in the old cliche "if it doesn't kill you it must be good for you". Again this cycle I am coming out of the worst of the side effects quickly and its fantastic to have a pattern building that you don't stay in the dark side for too long.

Notes to self (and others) to make future chemo cycles less disgusting
- Plan the care and drug regime prior to getting "chemo brain" and stick to the plan
- Drugs are your friends, take them especially if you are sick or confused
- Try to do normal everyday activities e.g. early shower, time with kids, exercise.. even in hospital you can modify exercise regimes and do a couple of laps of the ward
- Enjoy regular fresh, good food and interesting drinks; things that encourage your appetite and make you feel good
- Enjoy the happy, between cycles there are lots of time gaps to enjoy life, participate. Even in hospital you can have a few laughs and meet amazing people.
- In the unpleasant thick of it remember Kia Kaha (be strong, move forward), its your own tenacity, courage  and resolve that will get you through the chemo just fine.
- Countdown the milestones e.g. only 2 more days in hospital, just 2 more days on the darkside and for me only 3 cycles left.

My major milestone reached this week is that I am 50% through my last planned medical procedure for my sarcoma and all going well, I up going to return to a more normal life and existence in May. Yeehaw, where's my horse.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

RIP Pete - 16 March 1975 to 23 February 2011

Pete's mum Reggie has been sharing Pete's story battling Sarcoma for the last 2 years. Unfortunately this week Pete lost his fight. Their blog highlights the ebbs and flows of the medical treatment and prognosis and the bedside vigil of his loving mother. Reggie thanks for sharing.

More about Pete courageous battle here:     

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Riding the Chemo Cycle

Moeraki Boulders Day Trip
I have had far more happy and active days this chemo cycle and its great getting out of the chemo haze quicker and getting into more normal life activities. I'm learning to deal with side effects better although dislike the feeling that at best your 70% and your body always feels rundown, like your dragging around a spare tire.  Fresh air, exercise (what ever you can handle), good food and just trying to do normal things all help. 

I am due back into hospital tomorrow for 4 days for some more of that happy chemo juice. I have been reading some good articles on how chemotherapy works and how effective it can be at killing cancer. I think to get the most out of chemo you need to think of the obvious positive that chemo kills cancer. It doesn't work all the time, but may work in you. The side effects are horrid and need managed;  but focus needs to be on eradicating the cancer and healing.

Ciao for now

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back in hospital - Chemo Cycle 2

I have had a good week of rest and recovery and feel ready for another cycle, I am hoping that knowing what to expect will make it easier this time around. Also they are making some changes with medications that will hopefully reduce the side effects. Just had my steroid DEX which gives you the munchies and they've started injecting and pumping in the chemo drugs. At the moment feeling really good and pain free. I have a few strategies to work through the difficult times ahead and hoping that we will get through this cycle more easily. Pic above is the kids clowning around during a hospital visit.