Images of Sarcoma (graphic)

My MRI images Pre and Post Surgery

(White highlight is the tumour)


Post Surgery 1

Cross section:  

Pre Surgery

Post Surgery 1
Obviously a vast improvement with majority of primary tumour removed although cancer is likely to be still active at a cellular level, including within spine.

This my back on holiday in Samoa post Operation 1 and radiotherapy. Just weeks prior it was badly scarred (14cm), bruised. swollen, ulcerated and bleeding from radiotherapy. Point being even though you don't think it will the body and your skin has an amazing ability to repair itself.
Images Post Operation 2

XRay Titanium Framework to strengthen spine post Operation two removing back of spine and right back muscles.

Eye Popping War Scar following operation 2 

7 Months on 

Surgery 3 - Thoracotomy - Taken 1 month after surgery.

NB for Medical students and researches, lots of high resoltion MRI and CT images are available for use on request.