Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You've got my back covered!

I am very blessed to have a tremendous supporters team, including by family, wider Whanau, my medical team, my church, my friends, fellow cancer survivors, my colleagues at Enabling and wider business community. Based on the number of hits this site is getting (5,000+) there are probably a few I don't even know yet. I like people and I feel that I have the ultimate supporters team praying, wishing and working for a positive outcome and also providing our family with practical support. Thanks!

Kat and I will be updating this site on progress most days. I Love getting your ideas, comments, well wishes and bad jokes. So keep posting comments including to the old posts. You learn most things in life from others and keen to have your input.

I am going into this operation with complete confidence. Timing is great and I am feeling good in my body, mind and soul to deal with the challenges that the op and recuperation will bring and why shouldn't I; because all you guys have my back covered.


  1. Gary - you are right about all of the support. There will so many people sending positive vibes up to you and yours tomorrow and coming days. They'll probably be able to be seen from space arching there way to Chch

    Love Rob, Clare, Ted, and Joe XXXX

  2. I'll be sending healing vibes over the airwaves. Josephs arches from space just flashed in front of my eyes far brighter and expansive than any TV ad of the telstra clear network! Love Diana, Tony and family.

  3. You look positive as usual in spite of !!!!!Your attitude will help you recover Are you walking like a turtle or a tortoise yet? I might be able to beat you.Ha!!! keep smiling and picture your lovely home at Portobello.


Thanks for your comments Gaz