Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tree was a 12 metre macrocarpa and we had a lot of fun cutting it down. We subsequently have split the tree and used for a terraced garden. David a new friend and neighbour did the felling and I was just technical advisor "don't hit the chicken coup or Kats garden" and the male model for this Timberworkers calendar shoot.
Its great having lots of energy although I need to slow down and chill out a bit, Samoa is going to be great for that. I will never finish the things I want to do so just need to stop. Flying out today, playing golf and catching up with some Christchurch mates this afternoon and in to see surgeon tomorrow for planning and results of tests. Dev has drawn the short straw and coming along as a supporter. Family coming through and off to the tropics Tuesday.

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  1. Gaz, Dev, I'll be in the back seat Monday. It will be good news all the way!



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