Friday, October 22, 2010

I didn't meet a talking rabbit but I think I found wonderland.

Modern pain management is pretty amazing,just push the button, saying that its been a pretty uncomfortable day. Far more metalwork and fusing than expected. Surgery a success and confident that I had the dream team in the operating theater yesterday, apparantly they want me on my feet tomorrow which will be a major challenge but willl take it a day at a time. G
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  1. Hi GET Ian and Jacqui here - pleased to hear you are doing well and up-beat. Like the iron-man thing - you always slice your woods - but then you normally hook your irons - ah well!

    We pray you will be resting as we write this - part of our job at the moment is to take over the praying while those in the southern hemisphere sleep - our privelage. God bless you your lovely wife and children.

  2. Hoping you have a speedy recovery and all NEDs and NERDs in your future.

  3. Hi Gary, wishing you a great recovery - we know you have the inner strength to deal with this. Peter sends his regards and a big hug from me. Elizabeth

  4. Ian and Jacqui ... you have backup in the northern hemisphere :-)


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