Friday, February 1, 2013

Whanau only

Just to be clear
Whanau means family and on most days only immediate, occasionally some very close friends decided on a day to day basis.
Please do not pop in to the hospice, it is difficult to find space here at times. 
It is a time for us. 
As you all know Gary loves all the people and is very very social. He really, really appreciates all the notes and messages and reads his blog and checks in all day.
He said today.' I still feel so strongly that I want to reach out and help people on the forum, I feel like I need to share my Peace and where I am at to help them make decisions.' But this enthusiasm doesn't not translate into seeing people as he has limited energy and breath. He wants to save his breath for his kids.
Macker has just arrived to see her Dad and these moments are not to be interrupted.

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