Friday, February 15, 2013

Update: Friday 15th Hospice Day 29 - To shuffle off this mortal coil"

Hi all,
I seem to have tenacity to enjoy life and no desire ''To shuffle off this mortal coil" just yet.

The kids are in regularly which is great, and between them and Kat we've been having lots of interesting or just kick back chats. Also I've been doing a bit of reading and some writing which has been enjoyable. We've slowed down on activities somewhat, the recovery time compared to the length of the activity has become detrimentally disproportionate. We enjoyed a long trip home the other day, back at hospice at 10pm. It was great fun and did some nice stuff around the home.
We've found a close Asian restaurant (only 3 mobility scooter blocks) called Dumpling Palace and they do sensational dumplings a Nasi Goreng. Thats been fun for outings - see pic.

My pain levels and medication have been progressively going up a few % points every 3 or 4 days. I've had the odd breathing incident where I've struggled to get much breath at all, it sort of feels like an asthma attack and inevitably you panic a bit. Two of the attacks I've been able to meditate/ relax and just work through it. The others the medical team have used drugs to intervene to break me out of it. Otherwise my Oxygen levels in my blood remain good and a few days ago for a test I took my auxiliary oxygen cord off for 30 minutes and apart from me getting a bit puffy it had no detrimental impact. So no immediate threats but slow changes indicate some underlying detrimental changes and from past experience it's often just one straw that breaks the camels back. Bit let's hope that that's still some weeks off.

Kat, just brought be a tall glass of ice and San Pellagrinos Dark Orange soft drink, yum yum life is good.



  1. Thanks for your post Gaz. I like the idea of a regular weekly updates is just fine by me ;)

    Take care

  2. Love the "mobility scooter blocks" comment Gary. Just been to see Mum in Whangarei who is just undergoing what seems like her 150th lot of chemo. She's still looking good and carrying on with work as usual at the age of 71! There is absolutely no holding her back. Seems to be the same with you! - Donna

  3. Have been on blog- loved to read it gary and i love the photos. well done. we will be coming down to dunedin in the near future as my dear wee 92 yr old nana is still in dunedin hospital- we would check but if it ok would love to see you. love to you all. xxxx love gary and debbie fox

  4. Your comment about "tenacity to enjoy life" almost made me laugh mate. I've never met anyone with such a tenacity to enjoy life :) Keep it up!

  5. your truly are an inspiration gaz and kat! ....i agree, your tenacity for life is amazing......have been having conversations with the big guy upstairs and asking him to continue to strengthen you both ... i am sure the hosts of heaven can't wait till you get there, in fact i am certain of it......just been reading a book on a guys encounter with heaven and it is more unbelievably brilliant and beautiful than we can ever imagine! awesome! .... lots of blessings to you both.... mariaxx

  6. Hi Gary. I have not had the pleasure of meeting you, but I hear you are related to my partner Bevan Taiaroa! He shared your blog with me and has spoken of you quite a bit recently. I have just spent the last couple of hours reading your lovely blog (don't tell him I skipped folding the washing to do it ;).

    It's so refreshing in our pessimistic world to hear of somebody who loves their family and their life so much. To see the beauty in the little everyday things is a real gift you are blessed with. Your writing has struck me and will be on my mind for some time as I can see between the lines of text that you must be a bright and happy person who will make the most of every second with your family. You and your family are very lucky to have such a strong love and bond.

    Thank you for sharing your story and especially thank you for sharing your perspective. I will be following.

    Leslie :)

  7. Hi Tai. Hope you get this message cos not sure what I am doing. Blog all the time. Spend heaps of time with Gibson and Maclean and great memories of those parties down stair at your house in Oamaru. Special times. Hi to Kat. Thinking of you all. Sally (Rule) remember me!!!

  8. Hi, Gary, Kat and family. You are so often in my thoughts and I continue to send wishes for peace, love and comfort to you all. As I read your posts I get the feeling that those wishes are being received. You are all amazing.


Thanks for your comments Gaz