Friday, February 8, 2013

Update: Fri 8th: Hospice Day 22

Its great to get all the additional comments and to interact with you'll; you guys are getting the hang of posting, and please keep it up. If your not registered on google on the other options just choose anonymous.

The activities and outings we've have been doing have been great for building new family memories but also building my confidence; you initially get a bit apprehensive relying on a wheelchair/ mobility scooter and oxygen bottle and a lot more stuff you've got to cart in the car. I guess if things went badly wrong it could result  in an ambulance trip back to the hospice; there is a degree of risk but worth it; isn't that just life?

I've enjoyed them all, so far:

  • Home: (x2)
  • The Fix: (x2) - such good coffee
  • Evening Walk: around North East Suburb with Kat. I've never spent time around here and its an interesting place and looks like its had an interesting holiday with lots of boarded up or reused industrial building. Obviously back in the day it wasn't just a domestic suburb. 
  • Chingford Stables & Park: walk with Kat and my first go on the mobility scooter (they go really fast. Beautiful trees here, and apparently the wealthy Dunedin Business people used to come down for a ride.
  • Chingford Park Cricket: Watched the NEV Teen Wolves go down to Green Is with Dev. We increased the supporters by 300%, i.e. 1 other person was watching, Cricket was the winner.
  • Toitu Museum: Tuesday with Macca and Kat - 3 Hours
  • Orakanui Ecosanctuary:  Wednesday with while family- 4 hours
So Thursday and Friday I am out of puff and resting and napping. We've been pimping our room "Welcome to the Jungle" with lots of images of animals. Story and pics to follow.
Still feeling pretty well although of the energy that I had a few days back, although I think thats more to do with the long list above and just need to recharge the batteries.

Arriving in the hospice with apparently just 3 days to live and now being here 22; I think the staff have realised that I'm a fighter! I must admit I am pretty happy about the extra time with Whanau and experiences.
Cheers Gary

Thermal Image of me just now,
"nurse nurse, what does this mean?"


  1. In Oamaru, just watched game, Highlanders38 Crusaders 21. Exciting game.

  2. We ended having a glass of wine and scooting out to the Dumpling house on North Road, NEV. Out favourite new inexpensive Asian restaurant its fantastic. Fantastic menu (far more than Dumplings), very tasty food. 20 Dumplings for $10 bucks . My Favorite was Pork and Cabbage and Beef and Chilli . Try it out, go early they run out.

  3. Your quirky sense of humour makes me laugh. SO glad it is still there . The thermal image !!! WEll perhaps you have followed Tom Cruise and secretly taken up scientology.
    YOu have now developed to the higher plane of learning . YOU are a thetan !!! EEEEEEK!!!!!LOve as always Fay/ MUM xxxxxx

  4. Following your adventures with great interest Gary & Kat - brings back my own memories of Dunedin and particularly the North East valley. Being based at the Hospice quite a period now, it sounds like some kind of record. Best wishes to all.

  5. May the adventures continue. Beautiful day out here on the Bay. Have been doing therapy in the veg patch, and the tomatoes are at full steam ahead. Saw the tall red headed handsome boy in the distance last night. We are gearing up for Ted's departure up to Wellington. He starts at Victoria on 24th. Been out buying stuff for his room

    Adios for now

  6. Ha - I bet that was the first time the Green Island 3rd grade team ever had their bowlers clapped in during their run up !!

  7. Hey Gary I hope your able to enjoy some of today's beautiful sunshine. :-) Paula x

  8. Good to hear you are out and about. NEV is indeed another part of town that is a bit different to the others.
    sed to be an alternate place than Woodhaugh/Leith for a walk at lunchtimes (to see how far one could walk up North Road before having to turn back to get to work on time) so I understand where you've been.
    Nice place to watch and play cricket, at the gardens. The boundaries were only short when I was bowling unfortunately.
    Take care

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  10. Hey Gary, good to hear you're getting out and about, I'd heard those scooters were pretty fun; have to say I've seen some very dangerous drivers on them. Keep it going, great that you're getting time with the fam.

    Miree, Reef, Bella, Alex & Nick

  11. Hi Gary, I'm not sure if you will remember me, I was Rachel McCracken (now Gillies) - I used to work at Taylor McLachlan, and have just heard your very sad news and been shown this site.
    I just wanted to drop a line to say I hope you have much more time for building wonderful memories, and sampling many more fine cups of coffee. Keep up the courageous fight. Take care and thinking of you all! Rachel

  12. Hi Gary reading through your recent posts has just reinforced how legendary you really are and have always been!!All my love and thoughts are with you all. Raewyn Gibson xxxx


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