Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Here are just some fun pics from over Christmas

First 2 pics are just some pics from Christmas day. It was a scorching hot day Pic 1 trying to keep out of mid day sun pic 2 Kat encouraged us all to go to the Portobello Jetty for a swim. It was still late afternoon still very hot (outside and in the water), I like her little girl look encouraging in her first candidate niece Ella.

Fig 3. This is my mother in law Fay, she and I are in full voice singing along with others out of shot others with my Nephew Marco on the Guitar.

Update: Bit out of sync last few day, sleeping all the time and off food. Temp was up but back to normal and feeling better today. Feeling like and happy to be reclusive at present.


  1. What a pair we look singing and drinking . IT was fun and yes a beautiful day beside the river,picture postcard really, the river I mean but still we could go on "A Kiwi Summer"Calendar. What do you reckon? or an ad for song " W'ere all going on a summer holiday " Ha!! LOve 2nd MUm

  2. LOvely photo of you too kathryn smiling in the sun. Beaut !!!!xxxxxxxxx MUM

  3. Lovin the way that you and Fay were getting into it. The knee in the air was anyways the GET signature move !

    1. Good observation about the bouncing knee Mr D! Very true

  4. Gary you are an inspiration and a true reminder that every day is one worth enjoying. Rest easy knowing you make a real difference to the lives of all around you.

  5. You were never the worlds most physically imposing Number 8 if I remember rightly but what you lacked in bulk you made up with by the size of your ticker and so it continues .Thinking of you now and always - Cheers Twissy

  6. Hi Gary - I was just thinking about you and decided to check out your blog - which led me to Kat's blog and the gorgeous photos of you and your family. Gosh you have got beautiful children. You must be so proud of them. But then, with you and Kat as their parents, what else would you expect? Do you remember at Sue & Graeme's party when Zach was organising the goings-on in the kitchen? He did a fantastic job. Thinking about it, most times I've see you it has been at parties! I've always thought you are a very sexy dancer. (Good job this is being posted as anonymous!) Ha! Sending love and hugs. Tessa xxx

  7. Think of you every day and often get "Go Gary Go" in my head, from the great Enabling conference. Must try and get a copy and post it. You and your whole family are just amazing. Love, Elizabeth Sandford.


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