Thursday, January 31, 2013

50,000 Views..... Watch out PSY!

Today the 1st of Feb 2013 my little old, down under blog will have past 50,000 views on the web. It's not quite Gangnam Style but certainly a lot more hits than I envisaged when I first started out. NZ makes up 40% of total viewers, USA & Canada 30% followed by UK, Europe and Australia 7%.
Also there is some supporter in Latvia who's hit my site a few site; Bija patikami tikties :-) Do you have Synovial Sarcoma? :-)

My favorite group of viewers and supporters are others who have Synovial Sarcoma and many have contacted via my blog by comments and emails and with some online friendships established. It's satisfying to think my experiences shared may have helped them.
Also within there was been a subgroup, people who may have just gone though one of my activities e.g spinal surgery, chemo, terminal illness, driving cool dodges. Etc.
My many local Whanau, friends makes up the largest support and user base probably about 50% and the blog has achieved its objective of disseminating of information and 2-way interaction. We had 471 comments responded back, and just 6 spams that needed deleted.

It's not for everyone this degree of disclosure, but for me it's achieved it's objective, and I think the world is a better place by the knowledge and thinking and support provided to others. I believe the site has been far more about living than dying and overcoming adversity rather than wallowing in it.

There is certainly a trend and a greater number of sites like this becoming more common than when I started, why don't you choose your topic and go to and start your own.

Ive still plenty of life but slowing down and blogging is not a priority. Going forward check out Kats blog for updates

Pic below is opening presents on the new deck on Christmas day.

Bye for now Gary


  1. You've done a great job with the blog Gary - and it seems there are a lot of grateful people out there who have benefited from your hours of research, hours of medical intervention and all the other stuff you've been doing. It's really nice to see all the holiday and family photos interspersed with this. Donna

  2. Your blog is a testament to the way you have lived your cancer journey - with grace, humour, courage and fortitude. To me your blog communications are written from both the head and the heart - making compelling reading. The world is a better place for you being in it. In the future I hope you can find a way to check on your blog views from the other side (you of all people will crack this one I am sure!) - so you can see how it will continue to get lots of hits and support others.

  3. We are part of the Aussie 7%....checking in on your wonderful stories and blog updates.....great to see you are out for a spot of bird and seal watching, taking in new adventures with your family in Otago....enjoy the sunshine

    Shiree & Ian


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