Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gazza update

Gaz has had a comfortable night, still struggling with some nausea but slowly getting there.Pain control starting to be more effective.Very drowsy with all he is taking.He is having oxygen to help him breathe which he likes as he is struggling without it.Today he is going for a scan to see were and if some fluid drainage is appropriate.
Plan at this stage looking ahead the week is to keep stabalizing him with anti-inflammmatories, pain meds and IV fluids.
Gary as usual is very inclusive with people and so lovely to be around. He is getting very tired and prefers short visits. He is loving his children who pop in frequently in-between their jobs and activities and cuddle him.
We are not sure where this going. Gary has been approved for Votrient but at this stage it has not as yet appearred.This appears to be the only option for a treatment that has a possibility of shrinking the tumours and reducing the effect of them on Garys lungs.
It has happened so quickly it is a mix of surreal and real.Too hard. Gary has never done anything in his life by halves and true to course this disease is doing the same.
We will keep posting
love love love


  1. And bucket loads more from Dunners, if there is anything I can do, no matter how small or large please ask. xxx Kristy


Thanks for your comments Gaz