Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hospice Reggae

I've had a dramatic and detrimental change in my heath status (Again!);
One moment holidaying and enjoying swimming and relaxing in hot high mountain rivers to being rushed to hospital; to face difficult decisions on treatment options. Both lungs had accumulated significant amounts of cancer related material, in small isolated compartments. Not just METS but also blood and water. We came to the conclusion that we had no viable curable treatment options.
My team at Ward 8C Dunedin public hospital has been brilliant at fighting and trying to conquer my SS cancer. But even these super heroes, couldn't perform miracles.

Our family has now been resident in the Otago Community Hospice for 5 days. My stay has been refreshening and reviving. Firstly the drugs and care put me on a even keel so that I have been able to engage and have quality time with my family and friends. It's has been an Oasis/ Sanctuary which has allowed us to chat, laugh, talk, cry and to appreciate the quality time that we have left together. I am pain free and at Peace!

To my good friends and fellow members of our synovial sarcoma community... SO LONG. Thanks for the support, it has been outstanding and allowed me to fight the good fight. I encourage you to actively engage and participate, make friends, create a strong community that will enable us to improve the odds on overcoming this horrid disease.

Today has been an exciting day, my eldest daughters Arihana's, 21st Birthday and we've had a impromptu party. Ive attached a example of our down-under version reggae version Newworldson.

Hospice Reggae - Newworldson

Life is good.... I hope to see you down the line
Gary x


  1. A picture is worth a thousand words
    We are thinking of you all .... Loads of love Scott and Paula xxxxxxxxx

  2. my nephew sam videoed this and I think he must have been dancing the whole time x kat

  3. No wait, you owe me a pint!! what about the pint you offered? Gary, you got me through so much. And the way you and your family are dealing with recent events continues to inspire me the way you always have. You're a legend in our wee house here in Scotland :)

  4. I just love it! You are all class, you are such an inspiration to us all. Much love xxx Kristy

  5. Our thoughts are with you all, and lots of love. Ash & Dee.

  6. Gorgeous pic. And yes, I endorse Michelle's comment - having your blog to follow helped me through my journey. You and Kat are proof that attitude is everything and you both so live every moment.

  7. Gary, Your strength is amazing and you make me feel very guilty for wasting any moment of this precious life we have.
    Wherever you travel to I'm sure you will take charge!

    Thinking of you and all your family
    Peter Dickinson and all your friends in the Greentree community

  8. Gary, your strength and courage throughout your battle has been so amazing and an inspiration to everyone! My thoughts are with you and your family. Big hugs & loads of Love, Kim xx


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