Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Slow progress or poor attitude

Doesn't checkout from hospital mean checkin to life. Maybe taking it a bit easy but surely that "3 weeks rest before Physio" didn't mean 3 weeks no activity and long periods in bed. Progress here has been frustrating slow, or shall I say was slow until I adjusted my poor attitude. Kat often says listen to your body and I think she is right, sometimes your own expectations are misguided. My body is very tired and sore and through lots of rest I am slowly getting better and stronger each day. There has been no infection or complications and the wound is healing well. My Dunedin Orth Surgeon did a home visit to take out staples and was pleased with progress. My back is still very swollen and I am bent and hobbling around like an old man which I don't like, but don't have the strength and perseverance to deal with yet. A job for another day.

My appetite has returned with gusto which is very timely; we have had a daily arrival of the most delicious meals each night from friends in the community. We are very fortunate and enjoying being lavished with food.

Over next week I am hoping to get a bit more active but will just go with the flow and see how the body is feeling.

"Hasty speed don't oft succeed" Old Dutch Proverb


  1. Hi GT .. happy birthday mate, I hope you have had a good one, and have been well spoilt :) Good to hear you are home, I'm looking forward to getting down to see you and have a go at that par 3. I was reading through your blog (& the comments) ... then started laughing when I remember that trip you and I made to Edendale in the Merc, Bob Marley pumping on the stereo, off to make a pitch to our first ACCPAC client. Totally unscripted of course, just a couple of lads full of bullshit & wind ... but we did it! So keep the faith, nothings impossible, it just takes a bit more time :) Love C & P

  2. Timmsy, Your most welcome to come out and have a crack for membership at my exclusive golf club. Only 10 members made it in 2010. Just give us a buzz.

  3. Areas of concern has been inability to straighten back and a visible lean to the right. Also various muscles in hips and legs have just been numb (like pins and needles). Last couple of nights have been very sore but each morning there has significant improvement in both these areas. I am standing tall, plus getting far more twist in spine and numbness is dissipating for most of the day. When I get tired or really sore hobbling returns, but I think this will go over time. I did have some concern that the curvature in the titanium prosthesis wasn't quite right and lots of physio would be required to straighten up plus numbness, due to nerve damage, might just be something that I needed to live with. Nice also to think when you are going through some of the pain, that its just not discomfort and your body might be doing some hard yards with construction and repair. :-)

  4. Tai I keep telling Gus & Zoe that when the going gets tough ..'T2I" it's all about the top 2 inches.Dr Catie anyalis is what yous are feeling is just part of the healing T2I. The Chills are playing a 30th anniversary gig at the Coronation Hall Dunedin 2.30pm Sat 27 Nov,keen to bring Gus about we take a comfy chair,Kat & the kids?

  5. Hi Gary,
    Well done mate toughing this out. Both my kids have had spinal fusion, and only the usual small section, but it was hard to watch.
    Loved the video and here's one that may amuse you (or just be blatant promtion). The GT team spent a weekend putting this together. I was really proud of their first viral attempt ...

  6. Have just spent the last few days at WHK conference with Matt, Moods and others. They gave me the update. A lot of the conference focused on attitude. Perhaps next time you could give the talk.
    Thinking of you GT.


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