Thursday, November 4, 2010

Something to Strive for


  1. Probably an inappropriate response but I find the xray pictures very interesting on a sort of wow look at that type reaction. And by the way why do you want to be a turtle?

  2. This is a turtle we saw when snorkeling which was very cool , but Kat also has had a saying during recovery "be like the turtles gaz". I interpret as chill out and relax, but maybe there is a deeper meaning.
    Re xray imagine having this in your own body and having to get use to it. I am not sure if wow is the right word. It certainly has a presence and will take some time to get use too it.

  3. Turtles are very long lived so " be like the turtle" gaz Also turtles are depicted wise and wisdom comes from experience so I am sure you are like a turtle In that regard

  4. The turtle/tortose at Australia Zoo are fascinating, but your photos are also.

    Your back photos are something else, something that is very difficult to picture if you'd just described it.

    A picture says a thousand words so the saying goes and never more true than what you've shared here.

    Modern medical technology is amazing.

    Oh, took a leaf out of your landscaping book with having diggers etc round the house. Oh what fun! No, I'm not allowed to drive it, we have got a man to do that.

    Take care.



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