Sunday, July 25, 2010

Status T=0 DDAY "You have cancer"

1 July 10 : What a terrible job being a messenger with bad lab results. The consultant we were meeting was unexpected away and the job was left to a young registrar. It felt like a B grade movie, left waiting in a hospital waiting room and then in came the ashen faced young doctor and pitches the key line "it's bad news you have cancer, its high grade and very rare its called Synovial Sarcoma".  He did OK but was ill prepared and lacked knowledge for the dozens of question we had. Although bad news it was good to at least get some definitive information on what we were fighting.
I have probably had this cancer for a couple of years, just today I have a diagnosis and a name for it. What has changed, it's seems everything.

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  1. Heya Gary,
    I've been following your blog closely. hard times my friend, hard times...

    Be strong.



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