Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Status T-29 : Gaining Momentum

You often hear that getting into the health system is difficult, but once you get in things move fast if you have a serious condition and that was my experience. During this period I had a plethora of tests as they tried to diagnose the condition. I felt a little like being a patient on "House", with lots of smart doctors and technicians showing extra interest and jabbing me with things and questions. I loved the health technology in use and obviously it has a massive positive impact on diagnosis, treatment and outcomes. The MRI scan (with tracer) was the defining test and provided some amazing images of the tumor and challenge ahead. A highlight I had during process was doing a onscreen "fly through" my own brain, heart (and the tumor), very cool.

Good news during this period was that there were no signs of secondary's in other locations, so a lot of tests were negative. The FNA Biopsies were ineffective and they weren't able to diagnose tumor.

This all ultimately lead to a call one Friday morning T-13 (16 days later) from Orthopedic Surgeon, "there is a large tumor and we operate Monday"

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