Thursday, July 22, 2010

Status T-10 Its a Keeper - Operation 1 Success

Initially the operation was meant to be a biopsy i.e. the fine needle biopsys were not providing sufficient material to allow them to diagnose tumor. We overheard our teenage son explained the planned operation as: "The Alien Baby is getting his leg cut off today".
Just prior to operation the surgeon advised that when he goes in and if its easy for him to shell the tumor out, that he was just going to go for it. This seemed a great idea and I was very keen for it to be gone.

The operation and recovery went very smoothly and discharged in a couple of days.
The tumor and some surrounding muscle tissue were removed. Pain was not an issue, they just pump you up, some discomfort and initial shaky in legs when first getting mobile.
The tumor was a keeper, 13 cm by 9 cm. Alas the doctors were right, it was not a Alien and the urban myth and commercial opportunity destroyed. It was a soft tissue tumor, type still unknown and posted to Australia for testing.
Its incredible how quickly you bounce back the human body is miraculous at its ability to restore, repair and recalibrate.

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