Monday, July 19, 2010

Observation 1. Conquer Cancer by not getting it in the first place

Cancer is a preventable disease, or at least partially, through minor changes in lifestyle, diet and avoiding risk factors. Become more informed by reading this insightful Thomas Goestz article

Extract : Cancer is perhaps the most frightening of all diseases we face. And the thing is, it's very often entirely preventable. If we simply made some different decisions, earlier, many cancers would never happen.That sounds like an audacious statement. Cancer after all, comes "out of the blue" -- we report that it happened "suddenly," that it came "without warning." It is the proverbial bolt of lightning that changes our lives all in one strike. How could we prevent lightning? But in fact, a newly emerging consensus holds that 90 percent of cancers are rooted in environmental or behavioral causes].

Friends, family, colleagues, anonymous web readers with unhealthy habits and lifestyle ... wakey wakey... Why are you risking it? When you experience the pain and suffering of cancer down the line you will regret your early arrogance and ignorance. Go to a local hospice or an oncologist department and see the pain and impact that cancer has.

My oncologist said a possible cause of my cancer was radiation and the most likely source of the radiation was long distance flights. Mmm no international holidays or business trips, tough decision but avoidable. Very low risk and I was unlucky, but suggested to sit in centre rows and let radiation filter through other passengers first. Where do Pilots sit when they are travelling back with the passengers? A. In the center/ aisle rows away from the windows.

Get informed, know the risks, make better decisions.
What lifestyle changes should you make?


  1. I have often wondered why we ignore our current actions which are detrimental to our future. Everyone I know indulges in this behaviour, we smoke, eat to much, drink to much, don't exercise, don't save, drive to fast,prioritise dumb stuff ahead of our family etc etc etc.
    I have no answer to this conundrum, my conjecture is it is hard wired from a time when we might get killed and eaten so we learned to live for today.
    The problem with that is, if I fancy myself as a rational human (and I do) then that isn't much of an excuse is it.
    The challenge laid down to look after your health more seems uninviting. (all that bran and wheat juice and no beer and chips)As every problem has a solution I guess I will just have to think harder about how to make health and issue for my today and a reason to have fun.
    Looking forward to that party after your treatment GT keep up the good work.

  2. This got me thinking about the many many things that I do (and don't do) that impact on my health and the wellbeing of those I care about. We are who we choose to be, and yes there are many factors that influence that, but ultimately it's a choice and therefore something we can change.
    Long story short - I'm no longer smoking.
    Thanks for your post Ersk. Talk soon.

  3. Wow Andy you are a Hero!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic ya KAT
    you will feel shite for a while and then great

  4. hiya Ersk - here's my list:
    smoke free for a month
    blood tests - all clear
    heart and lungs - could do with more exercise
    prostrate - opted for the blood test which came back fine
    Cholesterol - high 4s ... and my doctor mentioned sneaky wee red every now and then will work wonders
    colonoscopy ... I meet the specialist on the 1st - can't say that I like the sound of it - anybody got any advice ?
    I'll call when I get back to town

  5. hi Tai,

    talked to my doctor today and he pointed me to this to give me an indication of what's coming up ....

    I laughed and laughed - albeit a wee bit nerviously :)
    I wonder what makes you wake up and become a "Luminal Gastroenterologist"

  6. Andy, that was LOL - HYR (hold your ribs) funny. Talk to Twissy he has had a similar experience and is as funny as Billy in his recital. Specifically ask him what not to say to a colonologist.
    I hope the procedure goes well and the findings are a none event. Here if needed.


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