Tuesday, September 7, 2010

T67 Milestone Radiotherapy Complete

I finished radiotherapy yesterday and very happy to be through that. I feel perkier already and it is nice not needing to make that daily trip into hospital. The impact of treatment may increase and hang around for a couple of weeks but I expect to bounce back quicker than that. This would have been a lot harder without the fantastic RT team at Dunedin Oncology, they are the real deal. Professional and very competent, yet warm (hearts not hands) & funny. They are wonderful people providing a great service. Thanks Guys!

Planning to lay pretty low in next couple of weeks but progressively increase exercise and activity. I would like to be pretty fit before operation in October. Dog walk around Portobello with Kat is todays exercise regime.


  1. Congrats dude.

    Here's to better days ahead!

  2. Many steps on the road to defeating the enemy, another one down and closer to the goal. Go GT.

  3. Great new Gary, your positive attitude is definitely helping - cheers Ann Woolston

  4. Paul, is something created by self an enemy? I originally though that but have moved past it. Cancer doesn't know it's cancer, nor the harm it does.
    Ann, Thanks, lots of evidence to confirm this. I am 100% certain I will get through OK, medical team aren't that certain but will bring them around over time. Must be difficult for people who air on the negative and don't have good support structures around them.

  5. Awesome news Gary. Good job mate.

  6. Hi Gary, found your blog and wanted to pass along some information. I was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma in September 2009, it spread to my lungs by April. I have been seeing Dr. Gonzalez (www.dr-gonzalez.com) in New York City since May. His program is working and I am fighting off this horrible disease.

    Just wanted you to have his information in case you ever need it. Best Wishes to you,
    Montye (www.allthisandmore.typepad.com)

  7. Tai,

    nice to see you bouncing back! You are irrepressable.

  8. Great GT, positivity adds to the healing, sending our energies for the next lot - Ash & Dee


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