Saturday, September 18, 2010

Next Operation Scheduled

The next operational is scheduled for 21 October 2010 at Burwood hospital, checking in on the 20th. Expected to be in hospital for 7 to 10 days. Burwood is a specialist hospital in Christchurch with a good reputation. My hospital room mates are more likely to be Rugby and Car accident patients than the run of the mill patient in public. I expect post op physio and care will be good. I am doing some MRI imaging work next week and have another surgery planning meeting with Sarcoma specialist in a couple of weeks.

Back is still healing from RT, these things always seem to take longer than you expect. Fatigue is gone and energy levels have returned which is fantastic.

Looking forward to our lying in hammock and floating therapy coming up in Savai'i, Samoa.


  1. just read that aloe vera, straight from the plant, is good for radio burns. Excellent surgery can go ahead, there are some clever specialists out there. And bring back the sun with u from lovely Samoa...please!

  2. Clever lynn! I went outside two days and nabbed some off a bush. I reckon it did the trick.Pleased to see you are on same wavelength.It helps when someone else confirms.I have also been using papaya ointment and paranet-gauze squares soaked in parafin..they are really good. I used to use them for zacs ectopic excema and leg ulcers years ago when I was nursing.They are good.His back is slowly slowly isnt just the burn,but has deep damage and broken skin on the scar.Radio therapy isn't kind to scar tissue.

  3. Tai, I live just round the corner from Burwood - literally a 5 minute walk so we can visit, help, supply a base, whatever you or Kat need mate

  4. Crim, thanks for offer, Kat has some accomodation organised onsite at nurses quarters so we'll be right. It would be good to see you, we are linin up a catch-up and a bit of Golf on the 3rd, up in Christchurch for surgeon appointment following day. Dev and Kim organising round. Your mum (Monica) posted a nice comment on blog earlier. Cheers Tai

  5. Hey Crim sounds good , you will probably see me at some stage.Thanks:-)


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