Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My grass is growing and it is spring

Thanks to the new lawn supporters... Graham, Calvin, Grant and Zach 


  1. It's just another sign of more good news Tai.Looks like it will be ready for the 'first test'before Xmas.I have been reluctant to participate in this forum ...or in general really. Since Kats initial email and our chat about getting Cath H on the case and the seed sorted... really don't mind admitting I fell of my perch for the first time ever..have done a heap of thinking and finally having logged in see that so many others have had the same thoughts & questions.Shaved my head for child cancer last Xmas..always wanted to but finally had enough balls to do so - seems funny but one of the most liberating things I've done. Hopefully for you,Kat & the kids this blog is also providing some form of liberation for what you all are going through.Calv

  2. Hiya Gary, am wondering if that grass is as green on the other side of the paddock? :)Linda

  3. Linda, The grass is certainly more greener post cancer, not because it is, it's because you look at it and appreciate its splendor.Covenant to this is when you are mid procedure, things aren't as rosy.


Thanks for your comments Gaz