Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Todays Therapy Highly Recommended

Been feeling a bit icky and fatigued with RT, but have discovered a new post RT treatment to overcome the side effects and it worked a threat.  
Out with Ian P. today at Otakou Golf course, my golf was terrible but the experience sensational. Back bit dodgy but OK, I'm on a mission to keep active. Glorious Peninsula weather today.


  1. Excellent! I got a friend to drop me off down the road on her way into town and I walked myself home...such a picture perfect day eh. Took an hour so I had to have a nana nap after.

  2. Sunshine is so theraputic, I also needed Nana nap when I got home. Stamina not so good , but working on it. An old guy and 17 year old cancer ventran at oncology ward this morning said he had golf in his theraphy plan and uses excercise to compate the fatigue. Cancer cells also don't like oxygen so a bit of puffing and blowing is good. Probably the best thing it gives you a clear head. Lynn ther was a large seal playing in the harbor just out from your house this. Morning. it's been around for a few days keep an eye out for it.


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