Thursday, August 19, 2010

feels like winter and its heading for spring

I haven't had the energy to write in the last week or so. Felt crook all last week and it seems to be a slow drift into this week.I thought I was being overly empathetic with Gary but as Zac has been home all week with the same symptoms I think it was 'the nasty bug'. (when is a bug ever not) There is wattle flowering in my yard and its yellowness is everywhere. I am sick with raging hay fever..urghh. Sometimes I just need to grizzle.
Gary is plodding along with his Radio is slow and painful process. He is sick and sore and tired.Because he has scar tissue from the previous surgery his back is reddening up creating a few problems. The staff at the radiotherapy department are awesome and onto it. Gary is feeling well cared for.
Our section is looking amazing due to Dads and Gary's efforts -  building walls and constructing. I am impressed at how organized and capable they both We are about to start as much planting as we can afford..there is a lot of ground to fill in with trees..It is all taking shape now though and for the first time I have been outside and gardened properly and satisfying.
Our lawn is sown.Gary and Graham (his brother) spent quality time with the Holy Roller...laying down bird seed for our feathered friends. Zac counted 21 sparrows , two yellow hammers and "too many other birds to count mum I will make you a cup of tea instead'
We are hoping that enough seed was laid to feed birds as well as grow.
We read that it was best to sow some for the birds some for the dirt and some for it should be fine.

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  1. Fellow cancer survivors: Physical exercise is fantastic to overcome sickness and fatigue. You need to moderate your activity depending where your treatment is at, but getting out in the fresh air can be a far healthy place than the couch. Also good for strengthening and re-engaging muscles pre and post surgery plus a great environment to work through the head stuff too.


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