Thursday, August 26, 2010

Status T50 - Radio's a B@$%&! - 17 down, 8 to go

I have decided that I don't like RT, it's a progressively debilitating regime.
I do like that it is killing the cancer and enjoying the fun and professional team at the RT department. But it comes with a cost of sneaky side effects and it steals some of your joule de vivre. Generally keeping positive and active although have had to moderate back somewhat. Good food, lots of sleep/ rest and fresh air seems to be the best strategies to get through. 17 treatments down and only 8 to go. The impact progressively builds and it's meant to be at it's best/ worst 2 weeks following treatment. Although 1 week and a bit to go until the last daily dose and I think physiologically this will be a good milestone to get through.
Dates for next stage getting locked in some more imaging/ test late sept, surgery planning in Christchurch early October. surgery and recovery in Christchurch from mid to late October.
Great to get all your supporting emails and comments on the blog.


  1. The week ended up a bit better. Some new medication seems to be making a difference plus getting out and doing stuff in the Dunedin sun has made a positive difference. Just 6 treatments to go yeaha.


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