Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Therapy at the bottom of the garden - Pudding Island (Te Pao Titere Moana)


  1. Nice As Man. There are a few really beautiful spots that I love on the coromandal and up north, but none at the bottom of the garden! Looks like an awesome spot to kick back.

  2. A fantastic photo which reminds me of the early landscape paintings of NZ. Not hard to see why the early painters were inspired by these sort of vistas.

  3. This island was once stolen by Captain William Cargill, but an important local native H K Taiaroa took him to court. More here.. http://www.nzetc.org/tm/scholarly/tei-Nat1882Repo-t1-g1-t99-g1-t1.html. Its a nice day trip for the kids, at low tide you can walk across, there is a cave on the far side for kids to crawl through plus a rope to climb up on the top of the island. When you are there, pick up my golf balls from the beach and put them in my letterbox.


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