Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Best Birthday Present

Yesterday was my birthday and untimely it started with a visit with my Oncologist. Historically and generally my doctors contacts are negative i.e. you're dealing with the progressing situation of your disease or the full on procedures or side effects that you have to endure. But yesterdays one was very positive and I came away with the feeling that we are creating small miracles here.... Backstory In July things had gone pear shape and I had many many aggressively growing tumours in both lungs, plus some large ones causing pain and breathing difficulties. Our treatment options was limited to chemo (Ifosfamide) with expectation that this was unlikely to be effective. So timewise and in theory things should be a looking pretty grim for me about now, but fortunately we've rewritten that story and have a different or at least extended version.

Earlier in the week I had some more imaging work done and yesterday my Oncologist took us through the timeline of images and showed how the cancer had regressed. The large tumours were essentially gone or shadows of themselves and an area we called the "milky way" of many small tumours has got significantly better. The expectation is that it wont stay this way and that the tumours will get a footing and start progressing again, also unfortunately I am at the end of the road with Ifosfamide and although we talked on some other treatment options there is doubt on availability and effectiveness.

But for now I am very thankful for a great birthday present and looking forward to a long hot summer.
Zach and Macca with Birthday Brasier 


  1. Congratulations Gary - best birthday present ever!! And you're in great company, you share your birthday with my son Mitchell. You made the start of my week even brighter :) Kristy

  2. p.s Gaz is looking awesome too :-).Those Taiaroa good looking genes have held him in good stead

  3. Gary & Kat
    Thanks so much for sharing your journey. My 26 year old daughter was diagnosed with SS almost 2 1/2 years ago and after surgery and chemo was cancer free until they found 3 nodules in her left lung last month. This was about the time I found your blog and it has been such an encouragment for me - reading about the way you've lived your life looking for the sun in the shadow of cancer. You've inspired me to start my own blog!

  4. Hi Carol
    I cant imagine how it must be for you with your daughter. My heart really goes out to you. I am pleased you are going to Blog. I have found it fantastic. A great way to sort and communicate and very creative for me. It has lead to many other possibilities that I didn't anticipate at the beginning. I hope it goes well for your daughter..what I try to hold/remember is that every 'body' is uniquely made and even though it has the same disease as someone else it will respond totally differently. I think there is always hope even when it is super tough .It may only be a pinprick at times but its something to head towards. Please let us know when you start blogging.KAT

  5. Thanks Carol, I love your term of "looking for the sun in the shadow of cancer" (maybe that could be your blog name), I agree and really think that this is what it is all about. We cant overcome/ click our fingers and eliminate the disease; but we can find acceptance in our situation and find happiness and strength amongst the uncertainty and difficult procedures that we are going through. It can also get very scary and Im sure that you found this when your daughter was diagnosed with metastasis spread to her lungs; sharing with others some how helps with offloading these fears and coming to terms with things. Good luck and I hope it goes well for your daughter. Gary


Thanks for your comments Gaz