Thursday, December 20, 2012

Spots on the move

Yesterday was scan day and unfortunately it showed the metastise spots in both my lungs were growing and on the move again. This development is not unexpected although disappointing that it has happened so soon plus you always hope that the little buggers will just disappear. We've been enjoying a couple of great months of relatively good health and good times. Unlike other times I don't feel ill but we know that the situation will change quickly unless we take some positive action and start an effective treatment that will nip the progression in the bud.

We think the most effective treatment option for me at this stage is Votrient/ Pazopanib. Votrient has only been recently FDA approved in the USA and is a smart new drug which targets the Sarcoma Cancer cells; it's not a curative treatment but interferes with the growth and reproduction of the cancer cells and slows their spread in the body.

Unfortunately this very new and niffty drug is not funded by Pharmac in New Zealand; but very fortunately for me GlaxoSmithKline have decided that I'm a good candidate to be provided the drugs on compassionate grounds. I still have a few hoops to jump through to get the drugs but very excited about having this effective option. I suspect the 'compassion' is more of a marketing exercise with the large Drug Company showing off their new drug and how clever it is. But whatever I am extremely happy to be given this option and the generosity and I will endeavour to do my part and live a long and happy life and sing the praises how effective this treatment option is. 

Reviewing a dozen individual cases on our synovial sarcoma online forum it is well regarded and the drug is very well tolerated with few side effects; for some it has had very positive impacts, for most it has brought quality time for a few months, for a few it has no impact. The advertised efficacy is that it has extended life by 3 months compared to no treatment. Such where things are at, I am very happy to take those odds. More about Votrient here.

I need to have a few more scans and tests and expect to start treatment early in new year. 

Merry Christmas 
Me and a Flamboyant Tree, Queensland Dec 2012


  1. Hang in there champ! Rooting for you all the way over here in Canada.

  2. Nice bit of tree hugging going on there. Well, those cancer cells of yours are determined - lets hope this new medicine can keep one step ahead. So, one of the potential side effects is a change in hair colour I see...(I like the assumption one has hair)purple? pink? blue?


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