Saturday, November 10, 2012

Romance in our Garden

Of late Ive been spending plenty of time in our lovely garden, resting, reading and puddling making a deck for Kat; during which I've noticed a vast amount of romance occurring in our garden last week & I spent some time trying to catch some pics. The three most noisy and interesting culprits i.e. birds were:

Firstly the Grey Herons who were making a commotion in the bottom tree of lawn, lots of feather frilling, squawking courtship going on there.

Secondly the Tui, I had two of these doing formula 1 around the garden. I couldn't get a good pic, they were going so fast and so borrowed this pic off the net (Tui explosion in city) . 

and finally my favourite:
The Riroriro (Grey Warbler) which Ive only discovered this year. These  little wonders live in most kiwi gardens and make a very distinctive ethereal noise every spring.  They are difficult to spot mainly because they are very small and don't stay in in the same place for long. But they are easy to hear, very loud and distinctive song. You may find that like mine that they are singing outside your window right now and that you've never noticed them before. 

Spot the Riroriro here (Grey Warbler)..

There he is Sporting Zachs new haircut 
Smaller than sparrows, a little like waxeyes
 Fliting and calling for its partner.

Bottom line... Its amazing what you will spot and learn if you take the time to notice.



  1. On the way home on the bay road the other night those ducks at Company bay were acting weird, I slowed to a stop (thinking one had been hurt), but carried on when Petra pointed out that the boy one was wanting some action. LOL, post menopause life and I don't even recognise romance in birds, tragic.

  2. Your so funny Lynn, its is a tragic place for those ducks to set up the family home beside a busy road. It not going to have a happy ending. :-)


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