Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cruising with Zach

Zach is our youngest child and is a charming 16 year old. He has always been great with people; he is fun with a good sense of humour with strong faith and integrity. He's already 6 foot 3 inches tall and continues to grow physically and personally and growing into a very nice young man; during my cancer journey he has been the muscle around the house, picking up additional responsibilities and generally doing jobs with a smile and good attitude.
Oct 2011 pic Giving mum a hug

Zach has just obtained his learning drivers licence and I've been teaching him to drive. Last week we had a great boys trip to North Otago which provided us with some good 1on1 time together but also allowed us to immerse Zach in some good driving practice. It was a lot of fun and a successful trip on all fronts. A highlight of the trip was cruising around in a mates classic cars (see pics) - cheers TC.

Its been a joy to watch and participate in Zach's growing up and life to-date. An anxiety you have with terminal illness is that you're not going to see how it turns out with your children including participating in key events in their lives and influencing better outcomes when they need support. I guess its another one of those areas that you've got to learn to let go and have trust that all will be good; Plus still lots of time yet.. 

2011 Dodge Challenger
1963 Buick
Zach License to Drive

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