Friday, October 5, 2012

Chemo Cloud Clearing

3 weeks post chemo and the cloud is clearing and I'm returning to better health. I got my pick line (catheter used for administering giving chemo drugs) removed this morning and I have no immediately pending hospital appointments, which feels great and a sense of freedom.

The chemo treatment has been very successful and it blasted the tumors in my lungs which is fantastic and beyond our and our oncologists expectations.  Im likely to be called in for a CT Scan in the next couple of months which will confirm how effective the treatments been and how many tumours remain; it will also be a benchmark to monitor how active the remaining tumours are.  But for now we have an oasis of freedom and setting up for a wonderful summer.

Pear tree in backyard looks like it will be bountiful.
I've been pretty sick and rundown after chemo but I'm progressively getting energy and motivation back. When I started feeling better post chemo I started charging around like the energizer bunny but soon realised that was premature and this week have been far more restful with my nose in a book or watching some therapeutic sports TV or good movies.

I find chemo treatment so tough, as well as all the medical side effects it also robs you of energy, your vitality and kills your "Joile de vivre" & motivation. But it also kills cancer and you need to keep reminding yourself about that.

We've got some nice micro trips coming up with friends and family:

  • Currently meant to be buzzing around in a helicopter and deer stalking in a remote mountain range; but postponed due to spring storm coming through.
  • Zach just getting his learning drivers license, so taking him on a short boys trip next week to North Otago. 
  • Plus short trips in next month planned to Christchurch and Wellington to catch up with friends.
  • Kat and I planning a more exotic trip over summer to somewhere hot with good beaches, maybe a Pacific Island (Rarotonga/ Samoa / Tahiti) or Queensland.   

Were hoping that my health holds up and we have a good summer.

Sorry for not posting, energy levels have been so low and Ive been hiding away; but now feeling a lot more motivated to communicate.



  1. I like the promise of fruit on the pear tree ... enjoy the spring Gaz!

  2. Great update Gary, roll on summer, good health and good times! Jodi x


Thanks for your comments Gaz