Thursday, July 19, 2012

Busytown boys (& Belinda)

(From back left) TC, Crim, Scobie, Zach
Jerry, Grindles, Belinda
Calv, Kim, Me, Dev, Twissy 
Remember the Richard Scarry Busytown books when you were a kid; well we had a Busyproperty over the weekend with 13 hardcore mates charging all over our place giving it a makeover. The work involved painting, fencing, tree work and firewood, hedge pruning and chipping.
Graeme Master Builder
Jerry got into the tight holes
It was a play hard; work hard group and Kat and I were amazed how much the team could acheive over 2 days. It was wet weather most of the weekend but that didn't dampen the spirit and fun. We've had a lot of outstanding DIY and property maintenance issues and this was just a practical way for mates to help plus setting the property up and making it easier for us going forward; the guys travelled from throughout NZ and it was also a great and meaningful opportunity for us to get together and catch up.Thanks to all involved, esp. Kim and Dev for initiating and also those who provided food over weekend, it was delicious; Kat and I are thrilled with the outcome. Thanks G
Kim & Geoff - Skidding logs uphill
Project Planning at Portobello Pub

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