Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cycle 2 : Countdown 8 Hours and thumbs up!

8 hours before I'm out of hospital and another milestone through. Cycle 2 has gone substantially better than the 1st cycle. I've had nausea but managing medication better and sleeping lots and eating and drinking well. Takeaways from this improvement: better plan leading in, eating & drinking well (better food & better attitude), better rest leading in, working on faith and prayers (me and others), communicating and working with medical team.A motivator was if I get through the cycle better I will also bounce back quicker, no time to waste.

You can let chemo and the side-effects take charge; Kia Kaha be strong fight back.

I've had a lovely supply of regular visitors including afternoon napping visitor Faye and my girls in watching movies at night (Nemo, Braveheart).

A highlight was getting a nurse to give me a 2:00am #0 haircut as hair falling out and being annoying. Photo coming.

Also I have a lovely custom design pillowcase with wonderful and supportive messages from around the world. I'm sure that's made a positive difference.


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