Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chemo cycle 3 starts today

Feels good coming in and knowing that chemo is making a positive difference. Been feeling pretty fatigued and tired of late, could be the chemo or maybe the grey and wet weather which is keeping me indoors and less active. Reminder to-self, get out and active post this round. Cycle 2 went so well and need to apply the same structure (eating, drinking, prayer) and positive stoic attitude. Kia Kaha G

Pic below nephew Tom and Jens wonderful wedding last weekend.


  1. You and Kat looking gorgeous (bride and groom too!) Liking those party hats - imagine you wore one while getting your cocktail today.

  2. Yes good shot. 2 days in and treatment going well and feeling OK so far. G

  3. Good to know you are in such good hands Gary, and that the treatments are showing such positive results.

    George Burrell

  4. Two days out of hospital and bouncing back quickly; the cycle was very unpleasant at times, but I slept a lot and pushed through. Still on lots of recovery drugs, one of them, a steroid, makes it very difficult to sleep plus makes you very hungry. So lots of long nights watching the olympics and creative mid night meals at present. Macca came out and was my minder yesterday which was very nice. Spring flowers, blossom and native birds breaking out in our garden and looking very pleasant.

  5. Sounds beautiful, I love this time of year, and your part of the world would be an incredible vantage point of the change of seasons. Glad to hear you're keeping up on our Olympian's awesome progress as well Gary and that you're bouncing back after another round. Beautiful wedding pics as well :) Kristy

  6. Kids were dancing to this in the lounge last night. Took me back to Larnach Castle 2009? What a night...

    you can't help but get up and dance


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