Monday, June 4, 2012

Oasis of Good Health : Oasis of Ignorance

Scan time again and I am due to get the results back of a scan last week. This is the first scan for 6 months and since my last surgery. We are a bit more anxious than normal.

We've had a wonderfully late Summer and Autumn; nothing much of note, just enjoying living life and plenty of family time and good and interesting work balance.

Kat has resumed working in Mental health as a registered nurse and I am very proud of her. She seems to be working with some nice people and doing well.

I am a little behind in keeping my blog up to date and about to rekindle communication.

Back soon...


  1. Breathe in for 4, hold for 7 then out for 8 and repeat at least four times. I do this lots at night when I wake up and start over thinking! So, apparently snow is on the horizon - hope it's pretty snow! Our sunsets/sunrises have been so good it makes you wanna be a bird eh.

  2. Keeping my fingers and eyes crossed for ya! I've got my first scan in six months on Friday, 1 year since surgery eeeek!


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