Friday, June 15, 2012

First Round

Gazza into third day of chemo..Not as bad as last time so far. The doxorubicin seems to have been the culprit for more extreme side effects last time and hes not having it.
Seems to be less nausea and more sleepy. Although in saying that gaz feels pretty yuck. I am pleased he's sleeping through it. He is more knowledgable about his drugs..anti nausea etc and takes control himself which is good and asks for them.
Home tomorrow. Raining buckets of water here, I have the fire on early, hoping to bank it up and come home tonight to a warm house. Zach got some wood in and I am cleaning and organizing house after a chaotic few weeks. Time for a winter clean up and chuck out I think. Lots of accumulated clutter that does not add to required ambience.


  1. Burning stuff is sooo cleansing eh - I am always getting growled at for making too much ash in the fire. Glad the red devil isn't on the agenda this time - it's so harsh.

  2. Yes I agree its slightly better without the Doxy but still a horrendous procedure to get through. Im on a 21 day cycle; 4 days in hospital with day 3 and 4 being the worst days. I hate the losing control (mind and body) and just feeling so sick.
    I need to remember that but you start picking up on day 5, and when you start eating and participating in life again it tastes so good. Next cycle I need some better strategises for coping when it get really tough. Also is not about the side effects it's about the outcome; let's hope that the IFOS is giving the sarcoma tumour hell!

    I now have a couple of deserved week rest, hoorah!


Thanks for your comments Gaz