Monday, October 31, 2011

Work is Good!

I've just started back workIng full time which is going better than expected, it's great being back in a work environment, it's fun and gives purpose.

Initially I had some concerns if I would make it through the day as still managing pain issues, but I've found that as I have got physically fitter and into the pace of business that the pain has reduced and not a hindrance. The pain is still there and significant but if you keep busy with positive stuff it can be pushed back and become secondary. Since my last post I had substantially increased and changed my pain regime, and now that I have pain in check I'm starting to reduce the RX dosage. I have reduced my work role, responsibilities and only working 4 days but there is certainly enough meat to keep me professionally challenged and stimulated. Getting back into the workforce after a 15 month break due to treatment has been yet again another challenging stage which I'm please to report that I've got through.

Pic attached outside a random house whilst walking to the Rugby World Cup Final. I attended 7 fun filled games at this year RWC the highlight being New Zealand beating Australia in Semi. Go the ABs!!


  1. Congrats on getting back to work! Work is therapy for me provides some normalcy. On your chronological post, you mentioned 18 week chemo regimen. What did your chemo regimen consist of?

  2. To Anon, Doxorubicin (red Devil) and ifosfamide, it was horrid but I beleive effective. Following a horrendous first cycle I struggled with returning for more i.e. putting oneself in harms way. But you learn to manage the side effects and you need to remember that the oncologists are doing this to save your life. Ultimately you need to grim and bear it and push through. Try counting down the hours, days and cycles left. It does come to an end and does kill cancer.


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