Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What difference a spot makes

What difference a spot makes

Following a routine scan my oncologist has reported a suspicious spot on my lung and the need for a priority surgery. I'm currently lying in my hospital bed an hour before surgery. The procedure involves a shark bite (smile) cut under my right arm and gaining access to lung through rib cage. Apparently its a bit painful. They use a fancy stapler to nip the lung and resect the suspicious spot for analysis. At the moment just focused on getting through the procedure and not thinking too far ahead.

Real gutted with this setback, things had been progressing so well and feeling great. They've got on to it quickly and hopefully it's a stitch in time or the spot is just a pimple or a pea and they are getting over excited over nothing.

Will keep you posted.

Gary Taiaroa
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  1. Best of luck Gazza. I hope it goes well.

  2. we're all thinking of you up here Ersk. Here's one for you to focus on :) Matthew 19:26


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