Saturday, September 3, 2011

How to fix a broken spine

The meeting this week with my spinal surgeon went well, I really like the guy and find him exceptionally smart and very engaging. No more surgery for me at the moment the risk vs. benefit vs. need for my body to rest and recover after a year of medical attention means that its just not worth it. He mentioned that Pain Management could be a life time issue, but hopefully it will improve over next 6 months. Surgery is an option but it's major and would involve more metal-ware securing the broken rods, including new metal-ware on the inside of the spine :-P. The break is the suspected source of my daily pain, but its not certain and surgery may not fix the issue. The fix would make the bottom of the spine very strong and rigid which may transfer issue and cause problems higher up on the spine. Good news current broken structure although moving it appears stable and strong. My current pain regime is working well and although I'd hoped to come off this, alas no.

I'm all ok with all this and pleased to have some certainty and clearer understanding of the issues involved. I’m still coming to terms with what this means lifestyle wise, as current state restricts physical activities no Physio, no Golf, no Skiing etc etc.

So how to fix a broken spine?.. I've learnt through all this to enjoy the abilities that you possess today, were all carrying around our own "broken spine", often the only thing that's holding us back is our attitude to our situation and not getting on and enjoying life.
Today I can......


  1. I also saw my Oncologist this week and he commented "As far as were concerned you do not have cancer". I like that :-)
    Just need to keep the above mechanical issue in perspective with the bigger battle.

  2. You're so right about our attitude being the only thing holding us back. Your positive outlook has really lifted my spirits a lot recently, i'm really glad I found your blog! :)

    It's wonderful that you no longer have cancer. I'll send all the positive thoughts and energy I can spare your way to hope it stays that way!

  3. Thanks Michelle, I've found your blog ( it's an amazing story, you've been so brave. I've found blogging great for processing my stuff but unexpected it's been really good for connecting with neat people dealing with synovial sarcoma or cancer.


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