Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Home Sweet Home

After a number of weeks in hospice we've decided to check out and move home. Medically things have been stable for a few weeks and I've come to terms with oxygen concentrator and bottles and the associated issues and risks. I felt very safe at the Otago Community Hospice, the team there are fantastic and I've received amazing care. We've been able to simplify and reduce medications and they are now practical and easier to manage at home. For me the Hospice been an amazing place of healing.

So far we've been at home over sunny Easter and it's been fantastic. It's just great being in our home environment, with privacy and space. We've had all the kids out for various meals which has been just the best!!!! I've also managed to get through my first book and just loved being able to read again which I've only been able to do since a blood transfusion a couple of weeks back.

So another milestone reached, although this one an unexpected one.

Life is good and just appreciating the day by day enjoyment it brings.

Attached pic: favourite book reading deck. We have various seating arrangements on deck and I navigate myself up and down depending on sun and heat.


  1. how wonderful to read your updates Gary, thank you for sharing them with us. That looks like a beautiful spot on that verandah, and what a fabulous home, its great that you have moved back there. Keep up the good work cuz, love you lots xoxoxox Debbie Waldron

  2. I am currently on the same journey as Gaz and his blog has inspired me to carry on with the good fight.
    I wish you strength, peace.and love.xxxx

  3. I love that deck - always has the best sun, views, conversation and coffee. Wonderful to hear that you had a family filled Easter. All the girls say hi,

  4. So great to hear your progress Gary. Enjoy that deck and the sun - and those books. It must be so special to be home again. Biggest hugs, Claire

  5. I am envious of your "reading deck"....what a peaceful looking place to sit and ponder!!!happy reading. Sophie G. X

  6. Hello Gary, I am Marie M. you wrote on my blog for my husband Marco about a year ago Marco, fighting soft tissue sarcoma. There is no place like home. Glad your home, enjoying the day to day. Enjoy!

  7. Really great to hear you're home mate!


Thanks for your comments Gaz