Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Riding the Chemo Cycle

Moeraki Boulders Day Trip
I have had far more happy and active days this chemo cycle and its great getting out of the chemo haze quicker and getting into more normal life activities. I'm learning to deal with side effects better although dislike the feeling that at best your 70% and your body always feels rundown, like your dragging around a spare tire.  Fresh air, exercise (what ever you can handle), good food and just trying to do normal things all help. 

I am due back into hospital tomorrow for 4 days for some more of that happy chemo juice. I have been reading some good articles on how chemotherapy works and how effective it can be at killing cancer. I think to get the most out of chemo you need to think of the obvious positive that chemo kills cancer. It doesn't work all the time, but may work in you. The side effects are horrid and need managed;  but focus needs to be on eradicating the cancer and healing.

Ciao for now


  1. Sounds like you are making great strides. Missed you in Otematats but sending positive vibes often. Pip Y

  2. Pip, I hope the earthquake hasn't impacted too badly on your peoples or property. Such a sad and crazy situation to deal with. Our Christchurch branch in CBD was trashed but fortunately all team members and their families were unharmed. Catch-up soon Gary

  3. Spot the difference ;-)


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